Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Wide feet Basketball Shoes is the most important for a Basketball Player. Here is we talk about Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$. Naturally, this is the section for the most coveted brands and models. There are a lot of reasons why a certain pair of basketball shoes reaches a certain price range. It could be because of prestige, exclusivity, or the athlete that’s wearing them. Check them out! Here we provides a lot of Basketball Shoes for wide feet  which is under 500$ dollars. To check in below

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under Price List

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Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

1.Nike LeBron 12

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

First on our list for the best basketball shoes for wide feet under 500$ is none other than a signature shoe from who else but “The King” himself, LeBron James. This is his Nike LeBron 12 signature shoe and if you’re to spend some hefty money on such a shoe then it better be the best of the best.

When you buy a LeBron signature shoe right off the bat you know that you’re in for a treat. The quality of these Nike pairs is just off the charts and you won’t regret the purchase. They are super durable and can take the wear and tear of numerous basketball games and training sessions.

One thing that stands out to us is the cushioning on this shoe. If you’re designing for LeBron you would expect that the shoes will take a lot beating from those athletic jumps so enjoy the same level of greatness in these pairs too.

The cushioning and the fit allows for a nice and true to size fit that will accommodate any wide feet. The MegaFuse, mesh uppers, and the TPU strands work together to all in all form a breathable pair of kicks that will elevate your game.

These shoes offer pretty substantial support for your leg and your body plus they are super on and off the court to wear.


  • Cushioning is off the charts great
  • Sleek design
  • Very stable support
  • Super durable shoes
  • True to size fit


  • Was expecting a little bit more traction

2.Nike Air Foamposite One

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Let’s jump right into our next best basketball shoes for wide feet under 500$, presenting the Nike Air Foamposite One. These models as they say was made for people with huge feet or are taller in general. And there’s a lot of reasons to believe that this Foamposite model is ready for some hoop action.

This shoe comes with a full-length Zoom plus a double-stacked heel that offers great cushioning. If you’re athletic and like jumping up and down the court a lot for either rebounds or defensive plays then this pair is meant for you.

The foam material on this shoe is superb and is not just sturdy but offers protection like no other. The materials on this shoe are just meant to last and maybe even outlive the glue that keeps it all together which depends on your perspective if that’s good or bad. We say it’s great.

This model also offers great ventilation or your feet to breathe and is much needed for wider ones. We just hope that the traction is not just concentrated on the front and back but should be throughout the shoes. This pair also offers great support with a carbon fiber and the signature Foamposite, and a dual-layer of midsoles.


  • Cushioning is its best asset
  • Great fit
  • Breathable shoes
  • Nice design
  • Lots of supporting layers will prevent any injury


  • Needs some additional traction
  • You may have to break in on it a few times

3.Nike Men’s LeBron 8 V/2″ Entourage Synthetic Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

The 3rd Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$ list is the iconic Nike Men’s LeBron 8 V/2″ Entourage Synthetic Basketball Shoes. Just get used to seeing LeBron’s in this category for it is filled with them but I’m sure you’re not complaining either. These are great shoes and are meant to be on our list.

We say it is iconic for you probably saw this model on an HBO show Entourage. Yep, that’s where it got its name from. This shoe is more than just style and prestige. You may take it balling and it won’t let you down.

Comes in blue, black, and tour yellow colorways. This model is imbued with a synthetic upper that’s injected with Fly-wire cables on the laterals and the patented leather on the eye-stays. Of course, the crowned lion symbol for LeBron being the king is situated on the tongue.

It’s sleek, it’s comfortable, and will work well with wide feet. If you have some cash to spend then try this one.


  • Great iconic design
  • Super durable build
  • Very comfortable to wear on and off the court
  • Breathable
  • Great fit for wide feet


  • May be more for off the court use than on the court

4.Nike LeBron XII Elite Men US 14 Multi-Color Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Next on our best basketball shoes for wide feet under 500$ review is the (guessed it) Nike LeBron XII Elite Men US 14 Multi-Color Basketball Shoe. Being the best in the game today requires also the best shoe technology and that’s what you are going to get should you spend a little bit of extra on a pair of LeBron’s, especially with this one.

This multi-color shoe boasts strength and speed plus nice support for your feet. It also offers a nice fit that would surely be comfortable no matter how hard you play. It’s durable and very responsive to the demands of the court.

The KnitPosite design makes it lightweight too but does not shy about the quality of the construction. Has one of the largest Max Air units on any LeBron shoe this one will absorb the force that goes its way with ease.


  • Light on the feet
  • Little no strain at all
  • Very comfortable
  • The design is meant for on and off the court
  • Superb support system


  • Could use a bit more cushion

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5.Nike Men’s Air Jordan Retro 10″ Bobcat Leather Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Which signature shoe you think can go up against LeBron’s? The G.O.A.T. himself of course, Michael Jordan’s. Presenting the Nike Men’s Air Jordan Retro 10″ Bobcat Leather Basketball Shoes.

This is a limited edition release and that’s part of the reason why it’s slapped with a bit hefty price tag. Nonetheless, these shoes are the bomb! It’s got a full leather and suede inserts, the red Jumpman logo on the sole with MJ’s achievements as a player on the outsole, and quality that’s worth for a collector’sitem.

It’s made with highly durable material and armed with the right amount of cushioning and support plus it has a very comfortable fit for people with wide feet, perhaps one of the best from this category.


  • Great cushioning system
  • Leather material is very durable
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Exclusive pair
  • Great support for wide footed people


  • May not be as durable as advertised, price bloated by the exclusive release

6.Nike Men’s Air Jordan 3 Retro U Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Next up on our list is the popular Nike Men’s Air Jordan 3 Retro U Basketball Shoe. This shoe may be very familiar to you and for a good reason. We love this pair personally and can’t get enough of it. Nike Men’s Air Jordan 3 Retro U Basketball Shoe is the Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$.

The top quality for this pair is traction, perhaps having the best traction on any of our models from this price category. This is above average traction that’s not only texture abundant but at the same time durable.

Polyurethane midsoles are what’s utilized for the cushion on this model and boy does it deliver. It absorbs a lot of impacts and is perfect for young players as it may be too dense for older ones. The leather upper material also makes this pair of kicks ultra-durable.

As for the fit, well, it’s also quite superb. It locks your entire feet no matter how wide it is from Midfoot to heel. Aside from some issues with breathability, this pair offers great support for your feet and legs that would prevent any injury.


  • Very nice fit and support
  • Comfortable wear despite the complete lockdown on your foot
  • Shock absorbent cushioning
  • Vintage, iconic aesthetics
  • Superb quality material


  • Not as breathable as the others on this price category

7.AIR JORDAN 11 Retro Low ‘Infrared 23’

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

The last entry for our under $500 category is the neat and low cut AIR JORDAN 11 Retro Low ‘Infrared 23‘. This model is also quite popular and we like the clean white look with a red sole.

This is a basketball shoe but it may look like a nice casual shoe at first but not, you don’t pay such a price for a non-heavy duty one. This one can take the wear and tear of even the most intense basketball game.

It has a great fit and style that would definitely boost your confidence. The low cut design gives more room for your feet so breath so it’s guaranteed to be comfortable. So if you’re looking for something versatile, then thisis the kicks for you.


  • Versatile on and off the court design
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Breathable
  • Cushioning is top-notch
  • Traction guaranteed on all angles


  • Support isn’t that stable

8.Fila Men’s MB Fashion Sneaker

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Let’s start this section off with a brand you might not expect, the Fila Men’s MB Fashion Sneaker. This one may come as a surprise at this price category but we assure you that it deserves its place on this review.

If you’re a fan of the retro look then this synthetic leather pair of basketball shoes are for you. People love this for its comfort and extremely good support on your lower leg and feet. People are saying that it’s worth the purchase and that it’s made of very good material.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Nice retro design
  • Good colorways
  • Nice support
  • Good cushioning


  • May not be as durable for its price point something the brand is infamously known for throughout the years

9.Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes Mamba Inspired

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Next, is the Kobe Bryant inspired Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes Mamba. This is an ultra-famous design not just because it’s inspired by one of the best to have ever played the game but also because of its quality in terms of style and build.

This low cut basketball shoe is so breathable and cushion plus the support is there compared to other low cut varieties. There’s very nice traction that should let you stop on a dime and won’t cause any injury. Really it’s the perfect shoe out of this category and it’s a favorite.


  • Great all-around shoe design
  • Lots of colorways to choose from
  • Very cushiony and stable support
  • Breathable shoe
  • Traction does not fade in time even in rigorous use


  • Some common issue with the bottom sole of the shoe

10.Adidas Harden Volume 2 Grey/White Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

The next best basketball shoes for wide feet that we are going to discuss is a signature shoe from one of the latest NBA superstars, NBA MVP James Harden’s Adidas signature Volume 2 basketball shoes.

This knit-synthetic pair is engineered with forefoot technology to support any dynamic lateral movements. As we all know, Harden is one explosive offensive player so his shoes should be able to accommodate those side steps and whatnots.

Quick start and stop movements are also guaranteed through the fractal traction patterns designed for this shoe. The custom lacing system and the sock-like construction also provide a secure plus personalized fit especially for people with wide feet.

The Boost cushioning system is also a bread and butter for Adidas as it is super responsive and will add extra bounce on your jumps. The Forgefiber or heat-pressed TPU coated fibers for the uppers also adds needed support for your leg and enables it to be lightweight but super durable.


  • Durable construction
  • Very lightweight
  • Great support and cushioning
  • Very nice aesthetics and colorways
  • Very nice fit for any feet shape


  • Inconsistent traction

11.Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 Basketball Sneaker

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Next on our list is Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 Basketball Sneaker. As if there’s any question, the Jordan brand creates one of the best basketball shoes there is and this edition is no exception.

This Flyknit model puts some modern spin into a classic. The Flyknit upper paired with the Jordan 6 inspired sole unit, and air cushioning makes for a dynamic and comfortable fit for your feet even if you have to wear it all day long.

The awesome cushioning is because of the polyurethane midsole, air encapsulated forefoot, and the air bagged heels. The traction is assured by the translucent outsole that’s imbued with durable rubber tread.

The fit is also a bit bigger than its actual size so that’s why it is perfect for people with wide feet.The Midfoot lockdown feature also ensures that your feet are secured.


  • Very nice colorways and style
  • Superior quality for material and construction
  • Traction guaranteed
  • Cushioning is its bread and butter
  • Super durable


  • More like an off the court sneaker than on the court usage

12.Nike Women’s Air Foamposite One Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

With the advent of the WNBA, it’s no surprise that basketball for women around the world has now become popular. This next shoe is perfect for those strong and aspiring women ballers, the Nike Women’s Air Foamposite One Basketball Shoes.

This shoe has a high-cut construction that together with its Foamposite material in its upper gives the shoe great lateral and medial support. The tongue pull features provide easy in and out access of the shoes, and it’s imbued with a regular lace-up closure for a nice fit.

Don’t worry about the narrower side as it can be fixed up easily with just a few adjustments. This shoe is also super versatile and can be worm thanks to its aesthetics and colorways on and off the court.


  • Durable floor grip
  • Very nice feel for your feet
  • Responsive cushioning system
  • Multiple colorways for on and off the court action
  • Lightweight


  • Could use some extra ventilation for breathability

13.Jordan Mars 270

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Next on our best basketball shoes for wide feet under 500$ review is the hybrid Jordan Mars 270.This high-top shoe from the Jordan brand is characterized mainly by its great fit and accommodating sizes. It has nice padding on its collar that’s sure to provide ankle protection at all times as well as support.

There wouldn’t be any shortage of ventilation in this model too as the combination of the mesh upper and synthetic leather assures appropriate breathability. There’s also a max air unit in the midsole of the shoe to give you much-needed cushion whenever you need an extra boost.

The soft leather overall contributes to the material’s durability, it comes in multiple colorways, and reflex really well in the dark.


  • Multiple colorways and reflective in the dark
  • The high top design provides ample support
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Great cushioning
  • Good traction


  • The price is a bit hefty for the quality

14.Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

The last entry for Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$ list is the Adidas Men’s Dame 5. Lollard is one of the hottest NBA players today and so are his signature kicks.

A lot are saying that this is the best Dame Time sneakers so far and we think that assessment must be spot on. It offers great traction with its translucent rubber soles that are actually meant for all kinds of basketball courts.

It is also imbued with the full-length Bounce cushion which is sure to provide an amazingly good balance, responsiveness, and protection from impact. The materials are of high-quality and of course super comfortable and it offers the best support you can ever find. 


  • Comfort is its bread and butter
  • Traction allows you to stop on a dime
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Cushioning guaranteed
  • Offers that nice additional bounce

Question: What shoe brand is best for wide feet?


  • Colorways and design is a bit dirt-prone

That’s some list, right? We promised you a lot of good choices and we delivered. Choose whichever fits your style, game, and budget. These are some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet under 500$

Question: What are the best most comfortable shoes for wide feet?

Answer: When it comes to comfort there are a lot of candidates but we should give the nod to the Nike LeBron 12.

Answer: In conjunction with our answer above, we should give the nod to Nike for making the best shoes for wide feet. The Jordan brand which is its subsidiary should be a close second.

Question: What are the best shoes for playing basketball?

Answer: This is a hard question to answer but at the same time can also be subjective. Overall, we think that when it comes to basketball shoes nothing can beat Nike. They are so popular for a reason and on top of that reason is quality.

You may have to pay up or save up a little bit to buy quality Nike shoes but it is well worth it. Their shoes are durable, made from quality material, and offer the best when it comes to comfort.

Adidas should come a close second, with newer brands such as Under Armour bannered by Stephen Curry closing in on the competition.

When the game gets intense and everything is on the line, you’d want nothing else but the best basketball pair of shoes that you can get your hands on. They can take a beating, durable, comfortable, and most of all a great return for your investment.

Conclusive Opinion

Don’t disregard a bad fit and make sure you only get the best basketball shoes for wide feet under $500 every time you step on the court. It’s not only all about performance sometimes but when it comes to basketball, the fun experience matters most.

What better way to spend your time and investment than in something that can keep us healthy both in mind and body. So go choose the pair that you like most from our list and don’t hesitate to place that order.

Keep on balling, player!

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