10 Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support

10 Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support


Having a high arch, much like having flat feet, can cause serious issues, especially during extremely demanding sports like basketball or soccer. In This content we talk to about Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support. But there are ways which you can use to completely remove this hurdle and make your matches more intense and enjoyable. How is it possible?

Well, you have to find out the best basketball shoes with arch support, and you’ll surely be one step closer to having a quality match with your buddies!

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Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support

So we have here a large array of basketball shoes which come with specially designed arch support. We’ll discuss them in detail, so you get a clear and understanding regarding them and make your decision based upon that easily! The 10 Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support is bellow

1. Littleplum Kids Running Shoes for Boys

First, we start with Littleplum shoes. One thing we’d like to clear first is, these shoes are unisex, so both men and women can wear them without issues.

They come with rubber soles that have a potential for extraordinary durability. These bendable soles are specially used for basketball and empowered with the anti-slip capability you’re looking for during intense matches.

The shoe is specially crafted for providing better arch support. With the presence of memory foam and orthotics, this is something everyone should go for if you have arch related problems.

Finally, the stunning design is something that would surely attract your buddies in the court. Like any item in the market, this too can be weak under wear and tear. But, if you keep it aside when it’s quite good overall.


  • Can be Wearable by Both the Sexes
  • Rubber Sole Comes with Anti Slip Properties
  • Memory Foam and Orthotics Provide Arch Support
  • Stunning Design


  • Can be Weak Under Long and Heavy Use

2. Kubua Gym Training Shoes

2nd on our list is the Kubua arch support shoes for outstanding performance inside the court. Let’s get to know this item in more detail.

You can utilize them for regular basketball games as well as the running and doing any other activities that require athletic capabilities.

Considering the fact, you sweat a lot, which causes severe discomfort during fierce matches, this can be a great aid! Because the upper is made of mesh, which provides breath-ability naturally and keeps your feet from drowning in your sweat.

During the matches, the major challenge is not to slip while making out of the box moves. Well, the rubber out sole of it is specially designed to give you proper resistance against slip-ups. However, the positives of going for long walks may seem to be slightly problematic with this one. But overall, this should be a good pick for usual basketball matches.


  • Can be Used for Multiple Purposes
  • Mesh Out sole Gives Outstanding Breath-ability
  • Controls Over-sweating
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Out sole


  • May Not Hold Up Good For Long Walks

3. AND 1 Men’s Basketball Shoe

10 Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support
AND 1 Men’s Basketball Shoe

Right now, we’ll talk about And 1’s shoe specially made for basketball-crazy boys like you! The design of this shoe is not ordinary and gives it a uniquely sporty appearance.

Unlike the other shoes on the list, this one comes with a synthetic sole. This is a great add on if you’re looking for something light to run and jump; this out sole would be a great match!

For basketball players who need arch support, this can be a quality pick. It will offer the aid in your arch that is required during the intense moments.

It’s a slip-on, so you won’t have to spend hours getting it on or removing it, making things even more convenient for you. Finally, rubber traction pods make sure you don’t slip.

It may have a slight issue for fitting, but apart from that, it’s incredible overall!


  • Specially Constructed for Basketball
  • Synthetic Sole Makes it Lighter
  • Rubber Pods Improves Traction
  • Quality Arch Support


  • Can Have Fitting Issues

4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Torch

At number four, we have here another quality item if you’re looking forward to improving your ordinary basketball matches.

This shoe is also specially made for basketball purposes and offers a uniquely constructed rubber out sole. These exclusively designed out soles have what they call a ‘court-ready grip’ properties for a great performance in the match.

For those who need arch support in basketball shoes, this is for them because this shoe features anatomically correct support for arch related issues and improves your game unbelievably!

At times you may find it a bit difficult to fit perfectly except for that, and it should work just fine! 


  • Specially Made for Basketball Players
  • Court Ready Grip for Better Traction
  • Offers the Much Needed Arch Support
  • Attractive Looking Design


  • Can Have Fitting Issues Based on Individual

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5. Adidas Women’s Entrap Mid Basketball Shoe

Shoe guides are entirely incomplete without Adidas. So, Entrap by Adidas is a special women’s basketball shoe we’d like to go through in detail.

So this incredible piece has a rubber sole, which should offer you extraordinary traction and grip during the quick runs. Designed for a regular fit shouldn’t be an issue for fitting everyday individuals.

The lace closure in the shoe should provide you a snug sensation and make running smoother than ever before. Coated leather for quick cleaning while the padded ankle gives extra support. Mesh upper provides the required breath-ability for longer comfort. One issue that may bother you is, it’s a bit bigger for women. Apart from it, this, all in all, is a quality item you can go for any day.


  • Offers Better Grip
  • Lace-Up Provides Incredible Fitting
  • Makes Cleaning Easier with Coated Leather
  • Mesh Upper Enhances Breath-ability


  • May Seem a Bit Bigger for Women

6. Nike Shox Gravity Men’s Running Shoes

Another big name here in our guide that is the Shoxs by the renowned Nike! If you’re eager for nice and quick jumps, then you can count on the foam and plate design of the shoe that gives a springy and jumping sensation!

They’ve used synthetic material for the construction of this one, which is a plus because you’d have to have light shoes for basketball.

Use the self-tie in it to give yourself a snug fit for quick and lightning-fast reflexes. Finally, if you have high arches, it’s the ideal basketball shoe for you. Because it comes with incredible arch support, this can have issues in the long run, but all in all, it’s something you can have any day!


  • Extraordinary Foam Plate Design
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Features Snug Fit
  • Arch Support Enabled


  • Can be Prone to Wear and Tear

7. AND 1 Men’s Low Basketball Shoe

At the 7th spot, we have here another basketball shoe from And 1. One thing you need in these sports shoes is a lightweight construction. And this one by And 1 offers just that. Won’t feel that heavy on your feet, so make your jumps easier than before.

To improve the mobility of your movement, this one by And 1 has a low cut collar design. On top of it, it comes with nylon ghillie eyelets, whose presence in the footed offers an extraordinary secure grip.

Highly integrated Harmonie Cushioning gives you the comfort and ease of movement you need in basketball shoes. Despite the number of positives, the toe box may seem slightly narrow for some. But, all in all, the shoe is just extraordinary and should be a good option for basketball.


  • Highly Lightweight
  • Cut Collar Improves Mobility
  • Nylon Gillie Footed Keeps the Shoe Secure
  • Quality Cushioning for Comfort


  • Toe Box Can Seem Narrow for Some Users.

8. AND 1 Men’s Tai Chi Remix

Now we have another And 1 shoe, which is specially designed to help you slam dunk during an intense fight! The upper of this incredibly sports specialized item is constructed using intricate compression knit sock design. And with the inner gillie lacing mechanism, this is over the top performance in giving you the stability to dominate the court!

If you want a quality shoe that disperses weight and makes things easier on your part during the dunk runs, then the EVA midsole present in the shoe is something that should help!

Arch support present in it will evenly distribute the pressure and make movements faster and more comfortable. And finally, the rubber out sole would help reduce slips during the match.

It may have issues with fitting for some, but you can always check it beforehand, so nothing to worry about!


  • Highly Specialized Basketball Shoe
  • Inner Ghillie Lacing for Better Stability
  • EVA module for Better Distribution of Weight
  • Enhance Arch Support


  • Can Have Fitting Issues For Some

9. Adidas Originals Women’s EQT Support

This is yet another quality Adidas shoe for Women. The mesh construction of this beauty is something that everyone should appreciate. It makes it lightweight and gives the breath-ability you want, so you sweat a little wearing one of these.

The shoe also incorporates theodolite sock-liner technology, which helps maintain dry feet during use. Traction is extremely important in shoes, and its rubber out sole is something that helps you achieve them easily.

A low top construction of the shoe helps enjoy the extra mobility you always wanted. You may experience fitting issues with it, so it’s advised to check the fitting beforehand. All in all, this is a standard piece for any woman of choice.


  • Ultimate Breath-ability
  • Theodolite Sock liner Technology Makes it More Comfortable
  • Better Traction with Rubber Out sole
  • Low Top Design Increases Mobility


  • Fitting Can be an Issue

10. Under Armour Men’s Spawn Mid Basketball Shoe

10 Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support

We’re concluding our detailed guide with the premium Under Armour’s Spawn Mid Basketball shoe. First of all, this has a unique PU and TPU mesh coated inside, which is an incredibly effective feature for getting you the support you expect in basketball shoes.

Above that, you also get a mesh upper, which is crucial for letting air in and getting the heat out, keeping your feet cooler during intense matches!

Well, the cushioned mounded tongue will enhance the comfort level. EVA sock liner would ultimately transform your experience positively. Finally, the Micro G Foam technology involved in it would empower you with unbelievable takeoff capabilities! It may seem slightly heavy, but on the whole, this is an incredible shoe for winning your basketball matches with ease!


  • PU/TPU Inner Mesh Coating Provides Extended Support
  • Upper Mesh Lets the Heat Out
  • Cushioned Tongue for Enhanced Comfort
  • G Foam Helps You Reach Higher


  • Can Seem Slight Heavy for Some

Buying Guide to Get the Best Basketball Shoes with Arch Support

Let’s quickly look at some of the features you should make sure your basketball shoes have during the purchase.

Better Arch Support

Arch support is one of the fundamental parts of a quality basketball shoe. Arch support is crucial, especially for those who have a high arch. It will help your high arch to get the support it requires and relieve intense stress on your heels and foot-balls during high jumps and running! So, this is a must!


During the intense basketball matches, it’s quite normal to get your feet all sweaty and heated up to discomfort. That’s why it’s better to go for shoes with upper mesh construction. They make it lighter in weight. The microscopic holes in the mesh texture give you support while lettering the heat get out and making air come inside. So, it’s on your part to find a breathable pair.


Cushioning makes thighs more comfortable, and on top of that, it helps to get you a snug fit. So, you find it extremely satisfying to run and jump as you want without any feeling of discomfort.


Finally, an outlook is something you should seriously care about. Nobody likes being made fun of and humiliated by their friends. If you don’t want similar events happening with you, then better make sure the shoe has an attractive outlook.


  1. What basketball shoes are best for flat feet?

Shoes with extraordinary breath-ability and quality arch support are good for flat feet.

2. What NBA players have flat feet?

Some of the flat feet NBA players include Paul Ga-sol, Tony Parker, and Dwayne Wade.

3. What is the most comfortable basketball shoe?

Try looking for the one with an EVA mid-sole. Also, get the ones that offer better cushioning and proper fitting.

4. Is Flat Feet considered a disability?

Although it has serious implications in the military, flat feet aren’t considered a disability elsewhere.

5. Are flat feet and fallen arches the same thing?

Yes, they mean more or less the same thing. When your heel, ball, and arch are all at the same height, and all touch the ground at the same time, then you have flat feet or fallen arches.

To Sum Up

In our extraordinarily detailed guide, we’ve gone through 10 different regular shoes for your local basketball matches with buddies. The positive part of these shoes is, they’re quite affordable and give you initial support for a quality and enjoyable basketball match.

They’re also quite effective in terms of dealing with ache related issues. Thus, overall these standard picks can any day transform your basketball experience into something positive! So, scroll up and pick the one that suits you the best, tie up the laces, and head to the court for an outstanding match on your feet!

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