Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support in 2024

Ankle injuries can be devastating, especially if you are a pro athlete you need to Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support it can sometimes mean an end to one’s career. Luckily enough, due to innovations and advancement in technology plus medicine, there are a lot of ways to not only help pro-ballers recover but to prevent such injuries from happening in the first place.

One of which are meticulously engineered shoes to provide much-needed feet and leg support for basketball players. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, and wearing the right footwear goes a long way for all athletes.

We’ve researched and compiled a few of the best basketball shoes for ankle support to help you keep yourself safe and injury-free, game on!

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $500

High-end shoes may come at luxurious prices but if you pick the right pair, it would mean years and years of usage plus the best ankle protection you can get.

1.Nike Men’s Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoe (Rainbow Soles)

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $500
Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

The first entry on our best basketball shoes for ankle support is from ironically an ankle breaker himself, Nike Men’s Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoe with Rainbow Soles. With Kyrie Irving’s flurry of basketball moves, jabs, stutter steps, and spin moves he definitely needs sneakers that can keep up with such speed and agility.

Armed with a multi-directional pattern for its sole, a lot of people love the traction and the on-court feel this shoe brings. It has a nice grip onto the court and while admittedly it may not be the most durable sole there is on our list it will accommodate quick starts and stops and all sorts of motion you go about in-game.

The Zoom Air Turbo for the cushioning of the shoes is getting some love too. While it would feel like a nice foam under your feet and a bit subtle it gives you enough bounce to jump up and down the court.

The firm midsole is Phylon and that gives your feet a nice minimal feel right under it. The engineered mesh with Nylon gives a premium touch to it and makes the shoes more durable. This pair is also true to size so don’t order 1 or ½ size up and the Flytrap overlay and enclosure locks your feet down tight for great ankle support while not being restrictive at all.

This is one of Kyrie’s best and is one solid shoe all-around, more than just deserving of its spot on our list.


  • Traction at its best
  • Great colorways and design
  • Durable material and construction
  • Solid ankle support, one of the best
  • Great on-court feel for your feet


  • Cushioning can be better

2. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $500
Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Next on our list comes from the long line of Kobe Bryant signature shoes, Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe. It’s no secret that Nike and the Mamba series has got great cushioning systems in place.

This low-top basketball shoe will provide you extra energy as you go up and down the court. It is equipped with a Phylon midsole with the patented Zoom Air unit to provide one of the most responsive cushioning systems from our list and impact absorption from hard landings.

The Mamba inspired pattern for the traction should allow you to move in any direction without any problems at all while its low-profile traction then still allows for a great on-court feel. This model runs a bit narrow on the forefoot and people with wide feet are advised to test it out first in-store before buying for proper sizing.

This model is also one of those low-top shoes that has a complete lockdown lace-up closure design so your feet are secured in place at all times. It’s got a molded Swoosh like framework and an external heel cage that should provide much-needed ankle support plus containment, that’s lightweight so not to strain your feet more.

This is all wrapped up with an embossed and snake-skin upper that is like a tribute to Kobe Bryant’s mentality on the hardcourt.


  • Sleek design and colorways
  • One of the best low-top designed ankle supporting shoes
  • Great cushioning
  • Guaranteed durable
  • Feet are locked in place


  • Traction could be better for the price point

3.Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $500

From a legend to a future first-ballot Hall of Famer introducing the Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes. This has got to be one of the best, if not the best cushioning system from our list. Well, the KD 11 was kind of a letdown so this 12th edition on his line of signature shoes is meant to make up for that.

This KD 12 is armed with super-responsive cushioning. That is because Nike did not go with the usual strobe board but stitched the Zoom Air unit directly into the shoes’ upper. This yielded to an almost personal fit for each person in his size.

The Zoom air unit accommodates the shape of a person’s foot and that results in a good heel to toe transition. And speaking of heels, right at the heel of this shoe is another Zoom Air unit to give you an extra bounce when playing on the court. The perforated foam midsole also gives added flexibility to it plus it makes it all lightweight.

Although this model is somewhat narrow on its forefoot it’s still wide feet friendly. And of course, we didn’t forget about the much-needed ankle support. This model is imbued with 4-way directional Flywire cables that are going to lock down your feet on-demand and ensures multidirectional containment for them.

The Quad Axial Flywire cables also ensure targeted stability so you may cross up defenders with ease and not worry about hurting them ankles.


  • Top of the line cushioning
  • Great traction for multidirectional movement
  • Feet are locked down
  • Great aesthetics
  • Superb support for your foot


  • The outsole attracts a lot of dust or debris

4. Nike AlphaDunk Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $500

Once again we have another entry from Nike, there’s no doubt about it, they are one of the best brands when it comes to basketball shoes and shoes that’s got great ankle support. This time it’s the Nike AlphaDunk Basketball Shoesthat we are talking about.

Once again powered by the coveted Zoom Air unit but this time it extends from the ball of your feet up until your toes. It’s large enough to keep your feet fully engaged in the cushioning up to the point of liftoff. And right at the heel, a foam midsole adds more cushion to absorb impact from hard landings.

For traction, a durable rubber outsole is employed and the fingerprint-like design is meant to grip on the floor properly. But one of the best things about this pair is its closure that’s meant to keep your feet in place, that’s why it’s one of the best when it comes to ankle support.

The high-top design comes with an external heel cup that further stabilizes your ankle. It also features a sock-like fit upper. And that’s all wrapped up with the Flywire lace-up closure system with a padded collar for additional Achilles tendon support.

The Flyknit construction also makes this model extra durable without any added weight to it. This model is meant for the highflyers so take advantage of it.


  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Offers one of the best ankle support from our list
  • Great cushioning system
  • Stable and feet are locked down


  • Has very low ratings when it comes to traction

5. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $500

The last entry on our under $500 category is from one of the newest superstars in the association, the Adidas Men’s Dame 5. Just like with any Dame releases this one comes with a full-length Bounce system too for the highest level of cushioning.

It’s responsive, impact-absorbing, and energy-returning properties are off the charts best fit for the needs of shift and athletic guards like Damian Lillard. For the traction, depending on the colorway you choose it comes with gum, light gum, and solid rubber outsole.

It is infused with the coveted herringbone multi-directional traction pattern for versatile performance. It won’t matter whether you are hooping in a dusty court the traction on these shoe grips with ease.

You are advised though to try the shoes in-store before buying as there are sizing inconsistencies for this model. This model is also imbued with a Thermo polyurethane panel to keep your feet in place.

It’s also armed with a lateral panel that’s designed to be wider and larger for more stability and to prevent foot slippage. You have the option to choose between, suede, full leather, or mesh uppers so choose what best suits your style. It’s also nicely padded on the tongue, collar, and its inner walls.


  • Lots of colorways and configurations to choose from
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • A great cushioning system in place
  • Tried and tested traction
  • Very stable and provide adequate support


  • The mesh upper does not look that good

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $200

Under $200, the sweet spot for shoes that are still high-quality but are not that expensive. Enjoy these kicks!

1.Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $200

We ended our previous category with an Adidas sneaker and now we start this under $200 section with the Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017. Dubbed as the shoe for rising stars KristapsPorzingis and Andrew Wiggins, this high-top designed pair has great ankle support without restricting its movement.

This model enjoys the same full-length Boost cushioning system the previous Dame signature shoe does so you already have responsiveness, comfort, and energy return in place. The impact protection and the court feel for this pair is one of its best assets.

A TPU roll wraps the midsole and that results in stability as well as support. It also has an infinity shank plate that serves as a spring for an added bounce on your jumps. Not only that, that property also offers control when you go for the ball.

This model has a rubber outsole that ensures a fine grip and has a coral-inspired design. The name itself indicates this shoe is meant for explosive playing style so it will have a 360-degree grip on all floor types. This model though runs a bit narrow so take note of that if you have wide feet.

As for its lockdown feature, a one-piece cleatie upper, anatomical lace system, and the internal heel counter should hold your foot down. The TPU yarn construction then wraps it all up for a stable yet lightweight pair of sneakers.


  • Cushioning is top-notch as usual
  • Very comfortable
  • Great ankle support
  • Feet are locked in place
  • Top-notch aesthetics


  • It will take a few sessions to break-in on these shoes

2.Under Armour Boys’ Grade School mid-K Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $200

As they say, start them young! If you’re concerned about your young-ins feet when playing hoops then get them Under Armour’s Boys Grade School mid-K Basketball Shoes.

This model is made from 100% textile, synthetic, rubber, and ethylene-vinyl acetate. It has a rubber sole and is super lightweight thanks to its textile upper. It is also breathable enough for your kid’s feet to be comfortable.

But perhaps its best feature and what makes it a great shoe for ankle protection is its full-length bootie design and construction. It has a molded ankle collar for much-needed extended support that results in a snug and comfortable fit.

The external heel counter then adds the support necessary plus it keeps the back of the foot locked down in place. The forefoot is also quite flexible thanks to the toe wrap. This model is durable and has reinforced lace loops to boot.


  • Durable shoes for boys
  • Feet are secure and locked down in place
  • Wraps your feet and ankles comfortably for needed support and stability
  • Good selection of colorways
  • Breathable and lightweight


  • The cushion, as well as traction, can use some improvement

3.Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $200

Next on our best basketball shoes for ankle support review is the stylishly unique Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoes. I think it’s safe to say that this pair of sneakers stand out in terms of aesthetics as well as its high-top design that is sure to wrap up that ankle for great support.

Adidas went a bit experimental with this model and equipped it with its new Lightstrike foam technology. This enables the midsole to be more resilient and has the endurance to last all game long. What’s best is that this added comfort does not come with added weight at all.

This model also features quite an aggressive herringbone traction pattern that assures superior grip on-court plus the outsole it meant for cuts and pivots for a variety of basketball moves.  These shoes though can be a bit tight for wide footed fellows so be wary of that.

This model is laceless but that doesn’t mean that it won’t lock your feet down in place. The Prime-knit upper is sloped and then there’s a sculpted TPU banking barrier that’s going to give a snug fit but won’t restrict movement.

It stretches and it supports your feet properly. Plus it looks lit! What more can you ask for?


  • Unique aesthetics great for on and off the court action
  • Superb cushioning
  • Signature shoe-like traction
  • Very comfortable
  • Provides good multi-directional movement


  • For a lace-less shoe, this one is hard to put on

4.Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $200

If the under $500 category was dominated by Nike then this under $200 section is owned by Adidas and for a few good reasons that we are sure you’d agree with. Next up on our list is the Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe.

Once again armed with the full-length Bounce technology so as you are now aware that equates to responsiveness, comfort, and impact absorption without any unnecessary weight added onto your sneakers.

The rigidity of the Mid-foot aims for energy explosion thanks to the TPU shank. When it comes to traction, it’s the concentric circle pattern design that’s responsible for that nice floor grip. The four suction holes then make sure that this model would be best for any multi-directional movement.

Depending on the colorway that you’d go for, the out-sole can come in translucent or solid rubber. This one is true to size and has no fitting problems and the traditional lacing system is going to lock your foot down in place with the outriggers making sure of that.

There are also two more components that you need to know about this shoe. One is the Forge-fiber technology that adds support and durability to this model by using heat-pressed TPU coated fibers that are stitched at the side of the knit uppers. Second, is the Geo-fit technology for the inner walls that are actually small pillow-like cushions meant for ankle support.


  • These shoes are made with ankle support in mind
  • Great stability and comfort for your feet
  • Classic look
  • Super light
  • Great traction and cushion


  • Does not lock your feet down as you’d expect

5.Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $200

Let’s finish this category with the Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe. Under Armour has been one of the most recent brands to rise as a major player, well, if you sign Step Curry then you’d definitely be popular soon enough.

As usual, let’s start with cushioning, the mid-sole for this model is primarily made of EVA. Right at its heel is the famed Micro G technology meant for crossovers and a flurry of footwork that you may employ. The EVA is just super comfortable and provides that premium feel to it.

When it comes to traction, the out-sole for this pair is made of rubber. A rubber that’s purposefully made thicker for any types of courts. It’s got a herringbone pattern that’s spaced out so it won’t accumulate any dust or debris easily.

The shoes run small so maybe order half a size up. It’s got a supportive heel counter that is meant to keep your foot from slipping out. The sturdy laces should also keep your feet in place whenever you get aggressive. The sidewalls provide a more secure feel and the lacing system has an enforced loop.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Secure lacing system
  • Very comfortable cushioning
  • Decent traction
  • Versatile shoe


  • It really runs small so be sure to check for sizing

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $100

Underdogs and not so popular models are found in this category, don’t sleep on them though you might just find a steal or two from this price range.

1.Nike Precision iii Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $100

It’s time to find a few underdogs that are worth your dime. Let’s start with the Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe. This model enjoys two levels of cushioning resulting in a resilient foam mid-sole. That means comfort and smoothness for your underfoot.

The durable rubber out-sole then makes sure that you get enough traction. This has a multi-directional pattern that’s got an excellent grip for quick movements on the court. It also has dual pivot points that should enhance your rotational movements.

These shoes are best for people with slightly wider feet and are constructed with mesh and fabric. That makes it very breathable and that further adds to your feet comfort.

The padded collar, in turn, offers to contain and lock-down your foot, that’s further aided by the engineered quarter panel, and the additional eyelets that extend up to its collar.


  • Little break-in time
  • Very durable construction
  • Great cushioning and traction
  • Lightweight
  • Great colorways


  • It can get a bit tight

2.Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $100

All right, the first entry on our under $50 category is the Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes. We are sure to discuss a few underdogs in this category given the price range but expect to get wowed by a few of the shoes we’ve found for this particular list.

This model prides itself on a rubber damping sole that’s in net shape for a strong grip on the ground. It is breathable, lightweight, and will support your weight accordingly. It’s got a molded heel shield and a textile upper.

It also offers good injury protection with ankle support. It is durable, wear-resistant, as well as slip-resistant. And venting holes for comfort.


  • Great breath ability
  • Feels dry and also comfortable even with sweat
  • Good support system
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight


  • Could use a little bit more cushioning

3.Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $100

The penultimate entry on our best basketball shoes for ankle support review is Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball.

The cushioning system on this model is imbued with an encapsulated Air-sole unit right at its heel. This polyurethane pouch that has dense gases ensures that the cushion is not only comfortable but also durable.

Then it employs the usual herringbone pattern for multi-directional movements for its out-sole traction. The tongue then is stitched from its base and then extends way into the forefoot to secure your foot. That’s then enveloped by Nike’s Air precision lace-up system.

These shoes have a breathable mesh upper that your feet would definitely welcome.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Durable for the price
  • Great colorways
  • Decent cushioning


  • Traction could be better, it just doesn’t last long

4.Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support under $100

The last entry on both our under $100 category and overall best basketball shoes for ankle support is Under Armour’s Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe.

Ever heard of zero gravity feel for basketball shoes? That’s what this and other Under Armour shoes are famous for. This is meant for hard impacts as well as explosive moves to the basket.

It will also give you a secure, locked-in feel. It’s got the usual herringbone outsole that provides quite a decent traction and the colorways are quite attractive.


  • The full-length cushioning is quite popular to players
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Solid traction
  • Great fit
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not very breathable

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which basketball shoes have the best ankle support?

Answer: Among all of the best basketball shoes for ankle support that we listed above, we think that a few stands out above the crowd. The Nike Men‘s Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoe, Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe, Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes, Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017, and Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe are the best of the best in their price categories respectively.

The signature shoes are designed to specific athletes namely Kobe, Kyrie, and KD have great ankle protection given the fact that these athletes have suffered a variation of an ankle injury at some point in their careers.

Question: Should basketball players wear ankle braces?

Answer: Rolling an ankle for basketball players either during practice or game day is not uncommon. So yes, aside from good old ankle supporting basketball shoes, if you can, one should wear ankle braces to protect yourself further from injuries. They say that basketball players who don’t wear ankle braces are 3 times more prone to an ankle injury than the ones who do wear them.

If you’re concerned about wearing them, then consult a physician.

Question: Are basketball shoes good for ankle support?

Answer: Yes, ankle injuries are quite common in pro-athletes especially basketball players. So you’re sure that basketball shoe brand and developers are quite aware of the potential of an ankle injury. In short, they’ve been and they’ve done that.

With this experience, it is only natural for them to tend to manufacture some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Some famous athletes have signature shoes designed for their type of game and their previous or known injuries, some of them have ankle problems. And these signature shoes sometimes, are the best shoes that have great ankle support. So if you can afford and you’ve been having problems with them weak ankles, go get the pair that suits your needs best.

Question: How do you tie basketball shoes for ankle support?

Answer: It’s simple, you just need not disregard this part every time you lace up those shoes to prevent any ankle injury or if you already have a weak ankle. Most of the time, you’d be wearing high-top shoes so just make sure that you lace it up.

Make sure you lace it up tight to support your feet and ankles properly, but not too tight that it wouldn’t have any room to breathe.

Question: What are the best shoes for weak ankles?

Answer: Normally, the best shoes for those that have weak ankles are shoes that have a high-top or high-cut design for these are the type of shoes that would provide the best support for not just your feet but your lower leg.

But there’s more to it than just finding the right closure to keep your feet locked down in place as you move up and down a basketball court. It could be the overall quality of the shoes that should also have proper cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and at the same time absorb most of the impact from an intense basketball game.

Final Thoughts

It’s not luxury if you put your investment on the right product. It’s especially not luxury to buy high-end shoes that perform at a high-level day in and day out. Also, sometimes knowing where to look and what to look for in a good pair of shoes can lead to serious savings.

In any case, picking from any of our best basketball shoes for ankle support should yield great results to your game and your health. Again, it’s not luxury if you are only looking out for your well-being.

So pick one or two and keep balling like you’re the next MJ because just like everyone else, we know that you too want to be like Mike!

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