How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Big

How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Big (A Quick Guide Review in 2024!)

How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Big
How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Big


Often we fail to realize the actual dimensions of shoes while buying them. A couple of factors play a role here. You may like the shoe too much that you forget about the fitting. We tend to ignore the fitting while it’s the most critical factor that everyone must consider before purchase.

Your shoes can seem too big for your foot due to many reasons. Today, we’ll discuss those particular factors that play a role and how you can figure out whether they’re too big.

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big

Here, our guide will present you with a step-by-step procedure to determine whether your shoes are more extensive than your feet. Let’s begin!

Get Your Feet Measured Properly

This is the number one task you need to perform before even ordering or going shopping. Have your feet measured accurately, and then try to match it with the shoes you like. This is the easiest way you can determine whether your shoes are too small or big.

Get Your Feet Measured Properly

While measuring, you must keep one thing in your mind. That is, with age, your feet increase in size. That is why it’s not enough to measure your feet once and buy shoes according to that past measurement. Instead, you’d have to measure it every time you go to buy new shoes.

Another exciting factor you have not done before is measuring both the feet. It’s always best to know the lengths of each of the feet. But what to do if there is a slight difference with one being a little longer in dimension than the other? Well, in that case, you should get shoes based on the giant foot’s measurements.

We have outlined some of the most intelligent measuring methods you must attempt before heading for shopping. So, never slack off in terms of measuring the feet thoroughly!

Determine the Style Your Feet Likes

It’s not only about the measurements; instead, it’s the style that also plays an important role. Your feet may or may not like particular types of shoes. For example, some feel the shoes are coming off if they wear shoes that don’t have laces. So, you should put heavy emphasis on these feelings and pick the sort of shoes your feet feel comfortable with!

Determine the Style Your Feet Likes
Determine the Style Your Feet Likes

Stretching the Feet 

Another smart method you can follow is stretching the feet. This quick strategy can easily let you perceive the shoe’s actual size, so you don’t have to run back and forth to replace shoes every time after buying. Try reaching the end of the shoe with your toes. If you find space even after stretching the toes, then the shoe is possibly too big.

So, now you’ll have to find shoes that don’t have such issues. Another intelligent measurement to follow is, check if you can fit your thumb between the tip of the shoe and your toe. That’s the ideal measurement you should look for. If the shoe fits this scale, then it’d make a good fit.

Try to Walk Around Wearing the Shoe

This is a mistake many buyers make. When they find a shoe that somehow fits, they proceed to checkout. But here, we’d like to tell you. Always walk around wearing the shoe! It will reveal if there are any fitting issues. While walking on the new shoes, one thing to look for is whether they’re sliding off of your feet. If you find a slight problem like it, then that’s a direct no. You’d have to abandon any plans on getting an item such as that.

Lacing it Up

Another exciting way to measure whether the shoe is too big or small is the lacing. Try lacing it up; if you see the shoe only fits well while tightening up the laces, you must know that the shoe is a bit bigger.

Lacing it Up
Lacing it Up

Look Out for the Heels

Checking how the heels are working can give you a better clue at understanding the fitting. When you’re walking wearing the shoe, you may notice the heel coming out from the back. You’d have to know that the shoe is oversized. The shoes with the ideal fitting won’t let the heels come out from the end and hold it comfortably inside, so you can walk flawlessly without fixing it every minute of walking in the streets.

Are Your Shoes Wider than Your Feet?

You may have all the length measurements in the world. But it will never aid you if the shoes are more comprehensive than the feet. This is why many users are unable to match shoes to their feet despite having the same measurements. In this case, you’d have to understand that your shoe is wider than the feet. 

Another crucial strategy to measure whether the shoes are wider is by seeing if the boots are sliding side to side. If you’re needing to curl the toes while walking so your feet appear bigger, then definitely, the shoe is wider on the side, despite having the same size.

Try the Afternoon Shopping Method

Did you know your feet may swell and shrink at different parts of the day? Well, the answer is interesting! Yes, your feet may have different sizes at various parts of the day. You can reduce the possibility of buying shoes that are too big or small by going shopping in the afternoon.

At this particular period of the day, your feet are at their largest size. When you buy shoes at this time, you’re more likely to get a better fitting than the other parts of the day. So, always follow the afternoon shopping method, especially when it comes to buying shoes.

Keep in Mind the Stretch Factor

This is quite different from the rest of the issues we talked about. You can anticipate all the problems we previously discussed during the purchase. Still, it’s highly challenging to manage the stretch factor that plays a role after a certain usage amount. This becomes exceptionally irritating because the moment you realize, it’s already too late and the window period for returning the shoe is over.

The fact you should keep in mind is that shoes usually stretch upon wearing. Always keep that factor in mind. Try getting shoes with a snug fit and have a lace-up mechanism if you don’t want the shoes to become oversized after weeks or months of use.

Fitting in Bigger Shoes

If you have a unique foot size with length and width being highly different from one another, some tricks can be used to get things under control.

Using an insole is a good solution while dealing with shoes that are larger than your feet. Insoles are a fantastic way to lower down the vast space that makes your feet go sliding inside the shoe. It reduces the empty rooms inside and provides a cushioned grip that you were perhaps looking for all these years.

You can also try the average ways of managing too much space inside shoes. A little pack of clean and soft rags can be put on the front part to reduce the vast space. You can also use tissue paper as a replacement. You can only do this for shoes, which are flat, close-toed heels and boots. This method can seem to work for the mentioned shoe types, but we’d suggest not go for it in athletic footwear.


How much room should be at the end of a shoe?

Well, this is important. In measurements, there should be around 1inch of space at the end of the shoe you’re going for!

Is it OK to wear shoes that are too big?

We’d like to argue that wearing shoes that are too big is worse than wearing tight shoes because tiger shoes give you blisters, so you stop wearing them. On the other hand, more oversized shoes make you walk unnaturally and create long-term and severe foot issues.

What can I do if my shoes are slightly too big?

Getting quality insoles is a fantastic way to fix shoes that are slightly larger than your feet. You can also put in some clean and soft rags inside for it as well.

How can I make my shoes fit smaller?

You can fit shoes smaller by using thicker socks and implementing foot cushion balls together.

Should your toes touch the end of your shoes?

Yes, you’re supposed to be able to wiggle your toes while it’s in the toe box.

To Sum Up

Here in our detailed guide, we’ve tried to look at many ways in terms of understanding whether your shoes are oversized. You’re highly positive that you now know how to tell if shoes are too big while buying.

We’ve also shown you various ways to manage if you somehow end up in bigger shoes. Looking at all the different issues and solutions, we believe from now on; you should be able to make a smart pick while buying shoes and enjoy the morning runs and long walks to the office every day!

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