How to Increase Your Vertical Jump for Basketball 2021?

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump for Basketball 2024?


People love playing basketball not only just for passion but also their profession. A basketball player should have lots of requirements. And if you want to become a good athlete and a professional basketball player then you need to focus on some important this article, I have said how to increase your vertical jump for Basketball 2024.

Increasing your vertical jump is one of them to play well. Most of the players get confused about how they can improve their playing and where they should improve.

So, today I have just figured out how to increase your vertical jump for basketball 2021. Here we go!

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Way to increase vertical jump for basketball

I have seen some players who don’t have enough physically balanced health, so they become weak while practicing and they can’t afford the physical labor for jumping. That’s why it’s really necessary that you have to maintain good health to follow other ways to go through vertical jumps. As health is the first valuable asset for all athletics, vertical jump is also a valuable asset in basketball.

You can find many coaches/ trainers and courses to increase your vertical jump but here I can just say some common and effective exercises to improve your vertical.

Points to be noted Before and while doing exercise-

Firstly you warm up and make your body ready to exercise. Then while exercising, take a perfect form to increase the height of the jump. Take a look at the land where you can exercise that should be soft and gentle. If you bend down and the land creates lots of pressure on your body then you can use cushions or foam tiles.

Before jumping take a good look at your feet that they are at the same level and this will help you against getting hurt or any injuries. To pull your body higher you can use the momentum of your arm swing. Also while landing, maintain the weight balance to both sides of your body.

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The best exercises for the vertical jump are-

There are lots of exercises but all are not for basketball and all are not the best. Here I’m just mentioning the best ones for increasing height of jump-

Depth Jump

Depth Jump

These depth jumps are one of the great jumps which can increase an athlete’s vertical jump by improving reactive strength. For this jump, you have to collect a platform or box to use.

Then take a step on top of the box and start to land your feet balls on the ground without letting your heel touch the floor and after landing immediately jump straight into the air as high as you can by reverse the downward force.

Also for jumping higher use your arms for momentum and get back onto the platform. Then repeat the process by changing legs. This exercise can increase the speed of jumping and improve the strength of your body.

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Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

There are so many squat jumps like Split Squat Jumps, slow-motion squat jumps, Rear foot elevated split squat also called Bulgarian split squat, true one leg squats, weighted squats, etc.

All these are good for increasing your vertical jump. For simple squat jumps, you have to stand with keeping your back straight and then make your feet shoulder-width apart while lowering yourself into a squat.

After all the way squatting down, leap yourself up into the air and repeat the part.

This exercise can enhance your muscle strength. As long as you can you should do these squats so you can improve your skills.

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Toe Raises

Toe Raises

These toe raises can build your calf muscles and these calf muscles can manage a lot of force for perfectly performing a  vertical jump.

For doing it you have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and rise on the toes balls of your feet.

You can hold the position for a few seconds and get back to the starting position slowly.


1.How to increase your vertical jump for basketball at home?

There is no boundary where to practice exercises to increase your vertical jump for basketball. You can exercise wherever you like. It can be at home or field or any playground but the ground should be perfect for exercise.

I have said before in this article how you can increase your vertical jump by doing exercise and I have included some best exercises. You can follow these.

And on the other hand, you can also try some exercises like lateral skater jumps, tuck jumps, broad jumps, rotational box jump, drop jump, huddle up, hip flexor stretch, trap bar deadlift (the strength component), single-arm dumbbell snatches (the power component), jump rope, etc at home.

These will increase the strength of your leg and body muscles and will increase the speed of jumping.

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2.How can I double my vertical?

Doubling vertical is not for everyone like a beginner, he can’t double his vertical and it’s very difficult for him at first. Firstly for a basketball player measuring your vertical is important. Then you can think about doubling your vertical.

Take a friend and chalk or marker then go to the side of a wall. Then jump there and tell your friend to measure or mark the point. Note down the point and then keep your regular vertical increasing exercise for some months then measure it again. You will find the difference.

3.How do you train to increase your vertical jump?

For increasing vertical jump we had made a survey and we got a good result: that is if you do just only squat twice a week for 2 to 3 sets of 8 repetitions then you will gain 1.5 to 2 inches vertical without doing any other exercise. So, if you do other exercises also then your vertical will increase a lot.

4.Does jumping a lot increase your vertical?

Yes, properly jumping a lot can increase your vertical. But you should follow those jumps which are for basketball.

5.What was Kobe Bryant’s vertical?

The Vertical Leap of Kobe Bryant’s was 38 inches.


Practicing all kinds of jumps can lead you to any sport because an athlete should have the strength, power, and speed of vertical which can be improved by these jumps. And this is the key to basketball.

In the end, I can say that Increasing vertical is not a matter of a day, so if you are passionate about this field then don’t lose hope and keep trying by practicing the special exercises that I had included here.

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